Sillimanite In lithotherapy:


On a spiritual and emotional level:

It is an endorphin stimulating stone when worn, it helps to cope with depression and stimulates good mood. It also improves self-discipline.

On a physical level:

It is recommended for people experiencing stomach, sinus or lung problems. It is known for its healing properties.


It harmonizes all the chakras, each color acts on a different chakra.

The green color acts on:

Chakra n°4-heart chakra:

Love, Trust, Compassion, Hope, Harmony, Relationships, Security

The color red acts on:

Chakra n°1 root chakra:

Abundance, Accomplishment, Family, Earth connection, Health, Safety , Survival

The blue color acts on:

Chakra No. 6 3rd eye chakra:

Mind, Ideas, Psychic Faculties, Intellectual Abilities, Honesty

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Astrological signs :

 Aries: green sillimanite, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio: red sillimanite; Virgo, Sagittarius: Blue Sillimanite

Know the stone associated with your sign:

Purification: The stones have been handled on various occasions, so they must be purified to reap the benefits and chase away the negative energies that are absorbed by the stone.

There are several ways to recharge the stone. Most risk damaging your jewelry.

The only one that we recommend and the simplest is to place your jewelry inside a scallop shell for 24 hours. The scallop must have a serration of at least 12 rays and a black triangle at the bottom. You can pick it up by the sea, at your fishmonger, in a supermarket…

Even if it is put in the oven or in the freezer it retains its virtues. It is the shape waves that act, that is to say only the shape of the shell that counts. To clean your stones and recharge them, simply place them in the scallop shell every evening.


This information is given for information purposes only. They cannot in any way constitute medical information, nor engage our liability , and also with regard to the resurfacing of stones by methods other than that which is recommended