The Claire Berteau Bijoux brand
Claire Berteau jewelry is an eponymous brand, launched in November 2018.
The jewelry is entirely handmade in my workshop in Bordeaux x.
As a yoga teacher and interested in stones and their therapeutic properties, I created a collection of jewelry that is both chic and spiritual but above all easy to wear.

My story

It all started a long time ago. In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, my grandfather collected all kinds of findings, charms, pendants and chains which he stored in metal cake boxes. His cellar was transformed into a DIY workshop. Each time I visited, he opened his boxes as if he were opening a treasure chest, before my amazed eyes, and I left with my hands full of all these jewels. Being very handy, he also gave me some pliers, a soldering iron and some tin wire. So, at the age of 10, I took my first steps in creating jewelry and my first soldering.
The years passed, and one day I took out all my equipment. I began to create my jewelry first for the pleasure of the eyes, then more and more for the pleasure of my friends. It was in my Parisian apartment that I started making my first sales.
And one fine day, I decided to make my passions my profession.
My other passion is yoga.
The year 2018 was, for me, the year of all changes. I moved to Bordeaux, qualified as a Warrior yoga teacher and launched the eponymous Claire Berteau jewelry brand.
Very interested in lithotherapy, I was inspired by stones and yoga to create a collection that suits me. Some models are inspired by nature and the powers it contains. I wanted to create aesthetic and timeless jewelry with powers acting on the balance of the chakras. Other models are an invitation to travel, with ethnic and bohemian chic inspiration.
I hope that my jewelry infuses those who wear it with new energy. My jewelry, worn in this way, will write other stories, yours: those of the celebrations with family or friends that you will experience while wearing them, the encounters you will make, the meetings you will attend, the bus you will run after, the happy or perhaps less happy moments, the laughter...So for all that, thank you!
Thank you for bringing my jewelry to life through you.