Lava stone in lithotherapy:

On a spiritual and emotional level:

It is a protective stone, which protects the person who wears it. It brings strength and courage on a daily basis and helps in the recovery of traumas of the soul. It also calms anger. It also helps with self-knowledge to better evolve by overcoming unconscious blockages.

On a physical level:

It is considered a hot stone, known for absorbing heat and diffusing it. It relaxes the muscles. It is a perfect stone to offer to athletes.


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It harmonizes all the chakras but more particularly

Chakra n°1: Root Chakra:

Abundance, Accomplishment, Family, Earth connection, Health, Safety , Survival

Chakra n°2 - Sacral chakra:

Assurance, Happiness, Creativity, Confidence, Endurance, Energy, Joy, Connection to others.

Chakra No. 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra:

Psychic center, Strength, Assurance, Self-esteem, Emotion, Confidence

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Associated astrological signs:

Gemini, Virgo, Leo

Know the stone associated with your sign:

 Purification: Salt water

Recharge: Sun