Claire Berteau bijoux


  • Choker and removable back jewel to personalize in rosary mesh in 925 silver adorned with a natural stone
  • 925 silver chain beaded with multicolored turquoise stones, freshwater pearls and sillimanite sapphire, emerald and ruby
  • Emerald sillimanite pendant: 13x11 mm
  • Chain length: 48 cm to 54 cm
  • Adjustable thanks to its extension chain
  • Sold without the charm (charm sold separately)
  • CB engraved tassel
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire BERTEAU

Maintenance tips : The necklace is water and perfume resistant. Silver is a precious metal that blackens; it is recommended to soak it in gold and silver baths to restore its shine.

The creator's world

Patanjali was a sage who described in 195 sutras (small verses), the functioning of the mind and indicates the different ways of understanding yoga and integrating it daily into our lives. It is the reference of yoga.
I am convinced that the mind is the source of many of our ills, the stones of this jewel and more particularly the emerald sillimanite can help you thanks to the energy it contains to calm your mind for a better life.

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