Claire Berteau bijoux


€19.50 €39.00
  • Pendant with clip-on bail in Lapis Lazuli
  • Pendant: 20x30mm
  • Raw lapis lazuli stone (cut and stone may vary)
  • It is covered with copper gilded with fine gold.
  • Clip bail in 925 silver gilded with fine gold.
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire Berteau
  • The pendant is sold alone, photo not contractual.
  • Remember to purify and recharge the stone for greater effectiveness. Read the recommendations in the virtues of the stone. The stone is porous so purification with water and salt is avoided.
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire Berteau

Maintenance tips : Avoid contact with water and perfume.

The creator's world

Lapiz Lazuli helps balance the 3rd eye chakra, Ajna in Sanskrit. It is the chakra that balances the right hemisphere linked to intuition and the left hemisphere linked to intellect.

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