Claire Berteau bijoux

MINI CREOLE FLOWER PM 925 SILVER (sold individually)

  • Mini hoop in 925 silver
  • mini 10X10mm hoop with 15mm flower
  • length 25mm
  • delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire Berteau
  • Sold individually, choose 2 if you want a pair

Care instructions: You can swim with it, 925 silver is water resistant. The curls may turn black, you can soak them in baths for precious metals to revive their shine.
You can also clean them with a microfiber cloth.

The creator's world

Who has never been annoyed at having lost an earring, kept it just in case, but never bought a pair again? This is why I decided to offer this collection by selling the earrings individually. You can either buy 2 to make a pair or have fun wearing them mismatched.

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