Claire Berteau bijoux


  • Hoop clip earrings gilded with 16 carat fine gold
  • Gold-plated brass hoop earrings: 35mm
  • Length of earrings: 50mm
  • Brass clips gilded with fine gold
  • Chains gilded with fine 16 carat gold
  • 22 carat gold plated faceted beads
  • Durable, does not fade easily
  • Avoid contact with water to prolong their resistance.
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire BERTEAU

Maintenance tips : To prolong the longevity of the curls, avoid contact with water and perfume.

The creator's world

I called these hoop earrings Bindi, drop in Sanskrit, because the lace chain is made up of small drops.

The bindi is the red dot located in the middle of the Indian women's forehead. It symbolizes the third eye, it is a symbol of higher intuition, awareness and good fortune.

May wearing these hoop earrings bring you beautiful creative energy.

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