Claire Berteau bijoux


  • Dangling earrings made of beaded chains and natural stones
  • 925 silver chain of natural stones in tricolor tourmaline, pink, brown and green.
  • Natural orange moonstones: 13x11 mm
  • Length of earrings: 6 cm
  • 925 silver stud earrings
  • Clip version: 925 silver clips
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire BERTEAU

Care instructions: It is recommended to avoid contact with water and perfume. 925 silver tarnishes when not worn, you can clean the earrings by soaking them in gold and silver baths. Be careful not to let them soak for more than a minute.

The creator's world

I chose to call these earrings Navasana, because it is a yoga posture which allows you to reveal your inner self thanks to its action on the solar plexus chakra, also called Manipura.
They say that everything is in everything to be well, but it is sometimes essential to help yourself with stones, yoga or other alternative medicine to feel better.
I hope these earrings can help with that.

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