Claire Berteau bijoux


  • Dangling clip earrings composed of beaded chains and natural stones in 925 silver
  • Chain of natural stones in turquoise, freshwater pearls, ruby-tinted sillimanite, emerald and sapphire.
  • Emerald tinted sillimanite stones: 13x11 mm
  • Length of earrings: 6 cm
  • 925 silver ear hooks
  • Clip version: 925 silver
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire BERTEAU

Maintenance tips : It is recommended not to put the curls in contact with water and perfume. If the buckles become dull you can clean them using a microfiber cloth.

The creator's universe:

I called these earrings Matangi Mudra. It is a yoga posture. We place our hands in prayer with the index fingers raised in front of the solar plexus. Posture that provides inner harmony and self-confidence.
Thanks to the virtues of emerald sillimanite, I hope that by wearing these earrings, you will feel happy.

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