Claire Berteau bijoux


  • Dangling clip earrings in multicolored acetate, emerald sillimanite stone in 925 silver
  • 925 silver ear hooks
  • Clips version: 925 silver clips
  • Multicolored acetate shape
  • emerald tinted sillimanite set in 925 silver
  • beaded chain mesh rosary made of freshwater pearls, turquoise, ruby ​​sillimanite, emerald, sapphire
  • Delivered in a cotton pouch signed Claire BERTEAU

Care instructions: It is recommended to avoid contact with water and perfume. 925 silver tarnishes when not worn, you can clean the earrings by soaking them in gold and silver baths. Be careful not to let them soak for more than a minute.

The creator's universe:

I have many friends who are very dear to me, through the Rétro Spirit collection, I wanted to pay tribute to each of them. Here the model is called Marjorie, she is a long-time friend, for 25 years. I chose to call these earrings by her name because she was the one who posed for these earrings during a weekend in St Jean de Luz.

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