The 7 chakras by Claire Berteau Bijoux

There are 7 chakras in the human body. They extend from the base of the spinal column “coccyx” to the top of the skull. Each is represented by a different color.

The word chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel or circle". The chakras emit vibrations and radiate energy that revolves around us in a circle.

Balanced chakras allow energy to circulate correctly in our body to allow it to be healthy mentally and physically.

Conversely, unbalanced chakras can cause imbalances that impact our physical and/or moral health.

There are various ways to rebalance your chakras, by practicing yoga, meditation, introspection or simply by being in a high vibration environment. You can also listen to sounds, recite mantras or use stones associated with chakras. Watch your diet, eating foods of the color of the unbalanced chakra.

Detailed observation of our 7 chakras:

Root Chakra No. 1: Muladhara

Located at the base of the vertebral column-coccyx

Dominant color: Black and red

Sound: Lam

Nutrition: Protein

Stones: Hematite, ruby, agate, onyx, red jasper, brown tourmaline, smoky crystal, obsidian


Psychic and emotional:

This chakra is our anchor point in the present, often symbolized by roots which connect us to nourishing earth. It is associated with basic needs, family, security and our instinct for survival.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Problem with cramps, constipation, blood circulation, adrenal glands and joints.

Psychic manifestations: fears, anxiety, attachment to earthly possessions, lack, insecurity, disorganization.

Sacral Chakra No. 2: Svadhistasana

Located at the level of the sexual organs

Dominant color: Orange, brown

Sound: Vam

Nutrition: Liquid

Stones: Carnelian, amber, tiger's eye, imperial topaz, sunstone

Planet: Moon

Psychic and emotional:

The sacral chakra is associated with confidence, happiness, creativity, confidence, endurance, energy, joy, connection to others.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Problem related to reproductive organs, endometriosis, infertility, urinary problem.

Psychic manifestations: Lack of libido or conversely exaggerated sexuality, inability to express one's emotions.

Chakra n°3 solar plexus: Manipura

Located at the level of the abdomen, between the navel and the chest

Dominant color: Yellow

Sound: Ram

Nutrition: Amino acid

Stones: Yellow calcite, tiger's eye, yellow agate

Planet: Moon

Psychic and emotional:

The solar plexus chakra is the central chakra of all energies. It is associated with confidence, the psychic center, confidence, emotion, self-esteem and strength.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Digestive problems, weight, anorexia, bulimia

Psychic manifestations: Egocentrism, too critical of others without realizing that it is only a reflection of oneself.

Chakra n°4 heart: Anahata

Located at the level of the heart, it is attached to the heart, lungs, chest, arms and hands.

Dominant color: Green and pink

Sound: Yam

Nutrition: Green vegetables

Stones: Unakite, green tourmaline, rose, rose quartz, pink chalcedony, aventurine, amazonite, jade

Planet: Sun

Psychic and emotional:

The heart chakra is the chakra of love represented by the ability to love ourselves and others. It allows you to express gratitude and joy.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Blood circulation problem, breast cancer, heart and respiratory problems.

Psychic manifestations: Manipulation, emotional dependence, lack of self-esteem, devaluation, communication problem.

Throat Chakra No. 5: Vishuddha

Located in the throat, it is attached to the thyroid, neck, shoulders, mouth and ears.

Dominant color: Light blue and blue green

Sound: Ham

Nutrition: Juice fruits

Stones: Aquamarine, amazonite, turquoise, labradorite, blue topaz, blue chalcedony.

Planet: Venus

Psychic and emotional:

The throat chakra is the chakra of communication, knowing how to speak and listen, it is expressed through honesty.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Sore throat problem, loss of voice, neck pain, ear pain

Psychic manifestations: Not listening enough, talking too much, giving contradictory messages, inability to express oneself.

Chakra n°6 frontal or 3rd eye: Ajna

Located on the forehead between the eyebrows, it is attached to the pituitary gland, the eyes and the base of the skull.

Dominant color: Indigo blue, dark blue, purple

Sound: Om, less in O, more in M

Nutrition: Tea and spices

Stones: Amethyst, Lapiz Lazuli, Sodalite

Planet: Mercury

Psychic and emotional:

The frontal chakra is the chakra of intuition, it allows you to think critically, to seek the truth, to access wisdom.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Headache problem, migraine, sleep disorder, pineal gland calcification.

Psychic manifestations: Difficulty perceiving one's intuition, disconnection with reality, incomprehension of the spiritual world.

Chakra n°7 coronal or crown: Sahasrara

Located at the top of the skull, it is associated with the pineal gland, the brain, and the nervous system.

Dominant color: Gold, white, purple

Sound: Om, more in O, less in M

Nutrition: Clean air and water

Stones: Milky quartz, rock crystal, moonstone.

Planet: Jupiter

Psychic and emotional:

The crown chakra represents the connection between body, mind and soul. It is linked to consciousness, devotion, enthusiasm, the spirit of synthesis, inspiration, inventiveness and spirituality.

Unbalanced Chakra:

Physical manifestations: Neurological disorders, mental disorders, schizophrenia.

Psychic manifestations: Feeling superior and more spiritual than others or, on the contrary, in search of the soul, blaming others for one's own actions.